Hylight Product Demo Videos

Hylight Octave Fuzzer, Fuzz Man, Phazer and Custom 20 combo

Courtesy of Regent Sounds, Hylight Dealer

4 Denmark St, West End, London WC2H 8LP, United Kingdom


Phazer MK ll hand made by the legendary Gary Stewart Hurst, inventor of many classic 60s and 70s, now highly collectible, British effects pedals. Excellent phaser.


Octave Fuzzer hand built by the Man, the Myth, THE LEGEND...............

Gary Stewart Hurst

Collect and trade ‘em all !!!


The Fuzz Man latest incarnation of the highly prized vintage fuzz pedal invented by the legendary Gary Hurst in 1965 and used by many famous and not-so-famous British guitarists of the 60s and 70s.

Custom 20 Model VR112C-112F/C 1x12 Combo with Fane F70

*Demonstration videos courtesy of Regent Sounds, 4 Denmark Street, London Hylight dealer*

Premier Guitar Magazine Demo of the reviewed Hylight VR504 50w Head and VE212F 2x12 Fane A60 Loaded Cab. August 2020.