A-OK Guitars, Chicago

A-OK Guitars is now concentrating exclusively on promoting and selling HYLIGHT ELECTRONICS products in the USA.

Hylight Electronics was the brainchild of Dave Reeves in amplifier manufacturing since 1966.

All Hylight amplifiers are 100% Made in London, England using nearly all UK made components.

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Hylight HC-30 Combo ...... OH BOY !! Orders being taken NOW. You absolutely will not be disappointed

2x12 VE212-F/C $1239 w/standard speakers.

All amps are fitted with EFFECTS LOOP and LINE OUT

STANDARD SPEAKERS: Fane F70 and F90. Celestion G12M, G12H 55 hz. and G12-65.

OPTIONAL SPEAKERS: Fane A60 and A90. Celestion Blue Alnico and Gold Alnico.

Prices subject to change due to supplier's increases, Pound to Dollar exchange rates, etc.

Shipping and taxes not included in quoted prices.

hylight logo 200
hylight logo 200

Custom 20 VR20H 20w single channel amplifier. $2249.

Custom 50 VR504H 50w two channel amplifier. The flagship Hylight amp. $3039.

Premier Guitar Magazine Review August 2020 and Demo Video

Hylight HC-30 Head ......... OH BOY !!!! Orders being taken NOW. You absolutely will not be disappointed.

Custom SD (aka The Shiny Diamond) VR204H 20w two channel amp. Based on the 50w below. $2249.

150 Custom 20 Head VR20H
150 VR204H_front_1_cropped
150 VR504H_front_1_cropped_1
150 hylight logo 2

Custom 20 1x12 Combo VR20C-112F/C 20w single channel. $2699 w/standard speaker.

Custom SD 1x12 Combo VR204C-112F/C 20w two channel. $2699 w/standard speaker.

Custom 50 2x12 Combo VR504C-212F/C 50w two channel. $3489 w/standard speakers.

150 Custom 20 Combo VR20C-112F-C
150 VR204C_112F_RGreen
150 VR504C_front_1_cropped
150 hylight logo 2

1x12 VE112-F/C $789 w/standard speaker.

150 1x12 VE112F-C
150 2x12 VE212F or C
150 hylight logo 2

4x12 VE412-F/C Coming soon, BUT with four FANE A60 speakers, this is the BEST sounding cab ever made !!!